Weston, Mass.-Similar to a child waiting to open presents on their birthday we are awaiting the completion of the new outdoor facilities. Knock on wood they are all finished by the projected September completion date.

The new fields will bring about a feeling that cannot be explained by words, and that is not just because none of great magnitude come to mind at the moment. Just think of the possibilities that these new fields have.

Outside of competitive teams, something to gloat about, and a sense of Pride, these fields offer a tangible possibility of the future.

Can you smell that charcoal smoke from parents cooking on their grills while watching women's soccer demolish some conference opponent, or hosting a regional track and field meet?

What the true sense of the fields will bring has yet to be fully understood by those who won't get to play on them, but to the returning students that have that opportunity the emotions will run high for sure.

To those that have sat on the committees debating for hours on what type of surface to lay for the track, or where to put the lovely press box with central air, fully stocked refrigerator with Gatorade, and three high definition televisions with Verizon Fios (which is all a dream in my mind), your dedication and time will come in the form of smiles from appreciative student-athletes.

To the student-athletes that have left Regis College with the hopes of having played on the new fields, please do not be bitter at what is now in place.

It would be better to help the College, its programs, and students grow by remembering what you would have wanted while you were here and didn't receive, and doing what you can to help those who are here now.

The fabric that we are all sewn into is Regis College regardless of where you stand on its decisions.

But outside of the pleasures that the new athletic fields will bring, it means that Regis is doing what it can to ensure growth for the future and continue a tradition of Pride.

So while these fingers drum this desk, this childishly excited mind has nothing more to ask but "Are they here yet, are the fields here yet?"

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