Weston, Mass.—The Regis College Athletic Department has been plagued by a nuisance that is white, cold, and piled all over, or in the Pride’s case not piled.  The Pride’s home turf has been covered with snow since December and has been continuously exposed to the heavy snow storms over the past few months.

 A normal winter snowfall is manageable for maintenance crews to maintain, but this year’s snowfall has been particularly immense. The snow collected rapidly and in large amounts, making normal removal impossible. This put the Pride in the dilemma that was enough to make even a veteran snow remover wince.

Wednesday (Feb. 9) the Pride’s prayers were answered. The sun was shining and the weather was sweet, at least for a winter weekday in February. A light breeze and a calm sun glared in the sky.  By early morning you could see enormous front-end loaders roaming the turf field. Finally around 1:00 p.m. the turf was unearthed from the snow.

The bleak tundra that covered the field with three plus feet of snow now was freed from the wintery depths.  Elated players and coaches for the Pride’s spring sports teams could be seen preparing joylessly all over campus for the first outdoor practice of the season.  Men’s lacrosse captain Andrew Goldberg (Solebury, Pa./New Hope) said it was great to finally have the ability to run full field drills and not have to worry about playing in cramped indoor facilities.”  The Pride’s coaching staff was excited to hear the good news as well. Pride assistant lacrosse coach Bryant Amitrano stated, “He was glad that the administration worked swiftly at finding a solution to the snow problem. “

Spring sports teams are preparing for the spring season currently, team pictures day will be this Sunday (Feb. 13).  Stay tuned for upcoming season previews and more video interviews from face the Pride.