Weston, Mass.-On July 17 the Regis College Athletics Department completed a two-month process with Phoenix Design Works to re-brand the department with a new logo, proprietary font, and image.

"The logo gives the school a new identity, one that was needed," said Kim Mariotti, a graduate student-athlete of Regis College.

The branding initiative plays into the department's strategic plan of being more competitive, and conveying a message of taking pride in being a student-athlete at Regis College.

"It's a start to show conference opponents and student-athletes to forget what has happened in the past, and begin the start to a prosperous future," said Mariotti.

Known as the Pride, Regis College used two lions as its visual mark before the re-branding. That logo will remain on the basketball court, while the new logo will appear on merchandise, the new outdoor athletic fields, departmental Web site, and soon to be released publications.

The new marks designed by Phoenix have slowly begun to go into use within the department, and will be officially released to the college and media in August. Along with the new logos, five total, the department's visual mark will make a prominent appearance on in early September.

An 11-member committee consisting of representatives from all over the College was brought in to debate the direction and look that the department should pursue for the new mark.

The previous mark played to the Pride's mascot, a group of African lions. Its new mark plays to the College's name that means "Regal" in Latin. The department will still use the Pride as its mascot, but will not use any lion images as it did before.

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